Royalty Program

We’re raising $10,000 in order to produce an initial inventory and to market Nogginate through social media channels.

To do this, we’re offering 100 royalty rights of $100 each. You may invest in one or more of these rights, and you don’t have to be a qualified investor.

In return, we’ll pay a $2.50 per game royalty to the group of investors. Each game will be sold at $25.

For example:

At a conservative forecast of selling 300 games per month, a $750 per month royalty will be paid. Investors will receive a percentage of this, depending on their investment.


At 300 games sold per month, you’ll break even in 14 months. We’re capping returns to 3 times your investment. At 300 games sold per month, you’ll achieve 3 times your investment in 40 months.

Payments will be made monthly, according to a royalty agreement we’ll create.

The time to reach your break even point and 3 times your investment point will vary, depending on monthly sales. However, we cannot guarantee that either will be reached.

Funds will not be requested until we have $10,000 in commitments.

This is not binding. We're just trying to measure the level of interest.